Cleaner transport for cleaner air

Convenient rapid charging for zero-emission vehicles

Property Managers

Fully funded. Fully managed.

Meet a growing consumer demand, earn an income and enhance your sustainable brand. Our rapid chargers work with all EVs and the electricity comes from 100% renewable sources.

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Local Authorities

With fully funded supply, installation and maintenance, improving local air quality just got easier. Meet sustainability targets, earn revenue and improve your area’s appeal with our super-fast smart EV chargers.

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Our Network

We pioneered public rapid charging in the UK and continue to grow our super-fast nationwide network, installing rapid chargers where you need them most.

We purchase electricity from 100% renewable resources, encouraging clean energy as well as clean transport.


Our Rapid Chargers

Get back on the road in just 30min with our super-quick 50kW chargers.

All our chargers are compatible with all EVs currently on the road, and are future proofed for tomorrow’s cars. Electric vehicles are the future of driving. Engenie is the future of charging.


Our Mission

Clean transport through clever technology

We’re at the forefront of delivering faster, smarter EV chargers.
Because we all want to drive a better future.